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October 8, 2020
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Hair Styles: How To Create the Looks You Love

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Up Dos

Whether you are attending a wedding, prom, other formal occasion, or are simply seeking casual hairstyle elegance, an up do is a perfect pick for exuding classic style and grace. For serious hair hold, try a line of style and finishing products designed to keep your style in line, while also protecting it from sun damage, frizz, humidity, and breakage.

Medium hold hairspray can provide firm support, while applying a good gel adds the control and shine. The environment can take a toll on your style, and recent research has proven that overexposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays actually causes tiny holes to form in your hair cuticles, which can weaken your overall hair, and make styles like the updo more difficult to maintain.

For an extra boost of sun protection, try a leave in conditioner with sunscreen in it. You put sunscreen on to protect your body does not your hair deserve the same treatment?


Curly hair is beautiful, but as naturally, and enhanced ringlet wearers know, upkeep can become a challenge when hair becomes excessively frizzy and unmanageable. Don not let your beautiful curls turn into a style ala Bozo The Clown, use a curl definer, curl activator, and creme wax everyday to keep your hair bouncy, soft, and sleek, and banish clown hair once and for all.

Many of the better curl definers extracts of kukui nut and avocado oil enhance the natural beauty of your hair, and coat your curls with a brilliant shine, and curl definers blend of active UV protectants keep you safe from sun-related cuticle damage. Get a full line of curl care products, and start noticing the dramatic results from day one.
Short Hair Styles

Most women agree that wearing a short hair style says a lot about your confidence level (read: high) and your trend-forward tastes. Regardless of why you choose it, short hair should always be sleek, shiny, and radiant. Pomade is designed to provide these results, as well as added moisture and texture. Pomade should be used on dry, styled hair. It is used to create the short, chic hair style you were born to wear.
Punk Hair Styles

For both convention, and gravity-defying hairstyles, use sculpting gel to lift hair from your head, to add texture and definition. Punk hair dye techniques, especially when they involve excessive hair bleaching and re-coloring, or when they have been done at home, can strip hair of essential oils and moisture. To quench your thirsty Mohawk (or other rockin hair style) make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment.


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