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June 29, 2020
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Battery Operated Candles

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Here are some new ideas on how to use battery operated lighting to enhance your wedding decorations. When your special day arrives, you want it to be perfect! Battery powered lights and candles are a great way to decorate your wedding. Whether you want to add some color or set the mood, special lighting is the way to go. Battery operated lights and candles are affordable and versatile. You can do so many things with them. To table top adornment, wreaths, floral arrangements, room decoration, bridal bouquets, the possibilities are endless.

Table Top Decoration

You can use battery operated lights for your table centerpieces at the reception. Place the lights around wreaths or flowers to add a glowing white light to your centerpiece. Or you can add colored lights to set a special mood at the table. You can also place battery candles in or around glass bowls or cubes for a glowing effect. Another idea is to give away the centerpieces after the wedding. Choose a name at each table or a birth date closest to the wedding. Placing battery operated candles at the table is a better option than real candles because there is no fire hazard. Whether you choose the realistic regular flickering candle or the color changing candle, both will add style to your table top decoration.

Bridal Bouquets

Use of battery operated lights in your bouquet will really make your bouquet stand out. Stringing the lights through the bouquet, especially at an evening wedding, will really make a statement. Or you could even make one flameless candle the centerpiece of your bouquet giving it a sweet ambiance. Little added touches can make your special day even more memorable.

Flameless Candle Party Decorations

When choosing how to decorate your reception, lighting plays a big part. It can make or break the mood. Maybe the lighting or color scheme isn't what you want at the hotel or reception hall. Adding your own special lights can make all the difference. For instance, using blue candles at the tables creates an ice effect that is perfect for a winter wedding. Or maybe you have a spring wedding and want to add green lighting that will brighten up any mood. Using the LED candles or tea lights adds a soft glow to the table. Or maybe you want to decorate a trellis with white lights for an outside wedding. Using battery operated lights makes that quick and easy with no cords to deal with.

Battery Operated Lights and Candles

Battery operated lights are perfect because you do not need electrical outlets and they don't have to be strung together. Each one operates from its own battery pack, providing up to 30 hours of lighting. Each string is approximately 5 feet long with the lights being about 5 inches apart from each other. Do not use battery operated lights in damp areas. Store battery lights inside with batteries taken out. Battery lights are reusable. The scented pillar candles vary in size. The Safe Flame candle includes batteries. Others take AA batteries, and some take 3 volt lithium batteries.

Whether you choose battery operated lights or candles, both will add style and create a special mood for your wedding day.


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