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November 29, 2020
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Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Decorations

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If you are looking at an outdoor wedding, there really are several advantages you have over a typical indoor church wedding. For one thing, in my opinion at least, you have a lot less to do with outdoor wedding decorations. My sister was very lucky in planning her outdoor wedding, as the location already had outdoor wedding decorations that she could use, and in fact were already in place so she didn't need to worry. If that isn't your situation, maybe you have to bring your own outdoor wedding decorations, or come up with how you want to decorate on your own. Sometimes that can be a little difficult, to wonder if everything will look all right. There are several things you can do for your outdoor wedding decorations. If you need some help coming up with ideas, then this is a great place to start.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations with Lights

My sister got married under a huge 200 year old oak tree which is just magnificent to look at. Since most outdoor weddings in Texas are done in the evenings, then adding lights to your outdoor wedding decorations is a great place to start. Christmas lights, of course are a given. The tree behind my sister and her husband had Christmas lights going up the trunk of the tree, and in pictures the lights were beautiful, twinkly and romantic. Another idea to consider using lights in your outdoor wedding decorations is to use candles. On some of the lower branches, my sister had looped thick white ribbon, and tied it to small glass candle holders, and lit the candles. The effect was beautiful and elegant. You can use this idea, and hang something different from the tree, but I think this is best since the candlelight is so romantic.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations with an Arch

Many couples choose to bring in some kind of arch for outdoor weddings, and decorate it with greenery, flowers or lights. This can make a beautiful addition to your outdoor wedding, as well as help to set apart an area that you both will be standing with the minister. Make sure that your arch fits in with the location though. For example, my sister got married under a huge 200 year old oak tree, and using an arch would have been definite overkill since the branches of the tree were several feet over their heads anyway. So be sure to consider your location before going with an arch.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations with Flowers

You will want to set apart some place to be the altar, instead of just open space. A great way to do this is with two pillars or other kind of stands. My sister used white pillars, and placed two large flower arrangements on them to help create an area where you and your fiance will be standing. Depending on your situation and location of outdoor wedding, you may need to do a bit more. However, if you are having an outdoor wedding, then the location you choose should already have some beautiful scenery for your guests to view. Another option you can consider for your outdoor wedding decorations is to place some small greenery or flowers at the feet of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and out a little. This will also help to set apart the area that is to be your altar, or area where everyone involved in the ceremony needs to be.

One of the great benefits of having an outdoor wedding is that you may not need to do as much with your outdoor wedding decorations. The live nature around your guests, and natural beauty of it will add so much to your outdoor wedding.


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