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October 2, 2020
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Facials an Effective Method of Improving the Skin

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Our skin is subject to the harsh elements in the environment. Every day our faces are exposed to fluctuating air temperatures, dust, harsh chemicals in the water, free radicals, make up, and many other irritants. The surface of our skin contains small pockets called pores. These pores permit perspiration, oxygen, and foreign matter to enter the skin. These irritants cause cells to accumulate and block debris from exiting the skin. This results in acne, dry skin, puffiness under the eyes, black heads, and blemishes. Damage to the skin can cause premature aging and wrinkles. Facials are treatments that involve a deep cleansing of the skin. The purpose of a facial treatment is to clean, rehydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. A facial also helps increase circulation and stimulate the skin.

Facials are a gentle and effective method of improving the skin, Regular facials every 8 to 10 weeks will rejuvenate and improve the skin's texture thereby reducing skin irritations. If this is not possible, it is suggested that you have one facial at the beginning of Spring, and one before Winter. The price of a facial can vary, but they usually start at about $75.00. The price will be much higher if you are attending a resort or spa retreat,

A professional aesthetician will give a facial that cleanses the pores, cleans out dirt and debris, restores elasticity, rehydrates dry skin, moisturizes, and repairs oily skin. Facials are beneficial for all skin types, but those with sensitive skin should use more gentle moisturizers and facemasks to avoid irritating the skin.

The basic steps of a quality facial include:

Skin Assessment: A certified aesthetician with special training in skin care will assess your skin. Depending on your skin type, the aesthetician will determine what products to use. Some people have very sensitive skin so they will require products with gentle ingredients. The aesthetician will know what product to use. Skin type is determined by pore size, tone, texture, and oil production.

Skin Cleansing: If the skin is dry, the aesthetician will open your pores by delivering warm steam that is directed at your face, or apply a warm towel. The aesthetician will then use a product to deliver a deep cleansing formula to the skin. The cleansing process involves gently massaging the skin with the cleansing solution.

Extraction: The extraction process involves removing blackheads manually. This process can be a bit uncomfortable but it is well worth it.

Exfoliation: This process involves manually or chemically removing dead skin and debris. The skin is then rinsed thoroughly. Exfoliation helps unclog the pores.

Moisturizing: An aesthetician can use any number of skin moisturizers such as lotions, creams, and masks. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these products rehydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Moisturizers can be delivered by massage or through a moisturizing product such as a mask.

Most people are not aware of the proper products they should be using on their skin. Using incorrect facial products will often result in further damage to the skin. A facial by a professional can help you learn about the proper skin care products you should be using on your skin. A professional aesthetician will help you design an easy home care program for your individual skin type.

A facial is a healthy and relaxing way to treat your skin. Facials are great for both men and women. They will help clear bad complexion and slow down the aging process. Upon completion of a facial, skin is healthier, cleaner, relaxed, and shinier. When you have healthy and shiny skin, you are more confident and happy.


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